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AI Tinkerers Seattle - July Meetup

This event happened in the past.
Wednesday, July 26th, 2023
6PM to 8PM (PDT)
Techstars Seattle
1100 NE Campus Pkwy, Seattle, WA, USA Directions...

This event happened in the past.

🔥 Save the date: July 26th from ~6pm - 8pm

Navigating the IP Landscape in AI

Livestream for IP Panel and demos (panel at 6:30pm and demos at 7:15 or 7:30 PT):

👑 Sponsors

The event is sponsored & hosted by TechStars, with support from Pioneer Square Labs.

Event Photos & Recap

Demos presented:

  1. Adam Loving’s “Edgar Software Agent”: A self-learning software agent inspired by the Voyager research project.
  2. Kevin Lalli’s “Chatting with satellite images: (how I built) SatGPT”: A satellite image visualization tool using OpenAI function calls and LangChain.
  3. Fyodor Minakov’s “Automating Content Marketing by Leveraging GPT as an Intelligence, Not a Database”: A system for automated, human-level, long-form content creation using ContentGPT
  4. Andre Elizondo’s “Easy LLM monitoring with LangKit”: An open-source library for monitoring LLMs, providing extendable telemetry and surrogate model options.
  5. Nikita Shamgunov’s “Scale your AI apps to millions of rows with pg_embedding”: A scalable database solution for AI apps, implementing HNSW index in Postgres.
  6. Minsoo Lee’s “Turning your car into a real-world agent”: A device that adds highway autonomy to any car along with other applications.
  7. Joel Montano’s “Security & Compliance w/AI”: A bot that automates baseline security and compliance checks for various sectors.
  8. Atai Barkai’s “CopilotKit”: An easy-to-integrate AI copilot solution for any app.

Spotlight Topic: AI and IP ⚖️

An insightful chat with the co-founder of Napster and top legal and record label leaders.

In the era of generative AI, where artificial intelligence systems are capable of creating original content, intellectual property rights have become a crucial and complex topic.

With recent lawsuits involving generative AI platforms like Stability AI, GitHub’s Copilot, and Stable Diffusion, it’s evident that the legal and ethical implications of AI are changing rapidly and that being aware of the potential implications is paramount for any technical professional looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Join our panel discussion on “Navigating the IP Landscape in AI” and gain unique insights from the co-founder of Napster, Jordan Ritter. Find out how he disrupted the music industry and hear his perspective on the impending impact of AI. Learn about intellectual property rights and its effects on artists from Gary Greenstein, recognized as one of Billboard magazine’s “Top Music Lawyers”. Delve into the intricate challenges of the music business alongside Heather Johnson, the director of label operations at FiXT record label, who will shed light on the complexities faced by artists in this rapidly evolving landscape.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the intersections of tech, creativity, and legal frameworks in the face of AI’s transformative influence.

💻 Event Format

Doors open at 6pm

Panel starts at 6:30 (45m, 15m Q&A)

Demo Block 1 at 7:30

Demo Block 2 at 8:30

Demos 7:30-9:00

9:00-9:30 networking

There will be drinks and appetizers served, courtesy of our sponsors.


Please submit your demo idea here if you’re interested in presenting. No pitches! (please read the FAQ)

We have some ideas for demos; it would be amazing if someone has gone super deep on any of these topics and can share with the group.

  • Open source LLMs -> share insights about deploying (e.g. running on laptop, mobile or private cloud), performance (both quality and speed) and /or an application for which you have successfully replaced Open AI (and why)
  • End to end demo of the new Open AI Function calling API in action showing a practical or innovative use case, code walk through, running it in action, etc
  • Something innovative in the field of generative images/video/music
  • Show an actually-useful application of an autonomous agent approach that reliably produces useful automations
  • Open source you’ve built and seek collaborators for
  • Side project using LLMs that’s getting real usage in the real world or that you use every day for your own purposes…

🤖 More Information

If you are new to the group, please be sure to read the AI Tinkerers FAQ.

😃 Attendee Information

This is AI Generated from the meetup RSVPs:

Our gathering will bring together a diverse group of professionals with varied skills and areas of expertise. With a significant representation from the AI/Machine Learning sector, Full-Stack Engineering, and Management, expect to meet a wide array of specialists with a keen interest in cutting-edge technology. A number of attendees have distinguished backgrounds in venture capital, quantitative development, technical founding, and full-stack software engineering. Some of our participants are associated with influential companies like Madrona Venture Group, Pioneer Square Labs, and Microsoft.

Our attendees boast an impressive range of accomplishments and accolades. From Partners at venture groups to Founding Engineers at AI firms, the expertise is vast. Some attendees have worked with major tech companies like Google and Amazon, while others have co-founded startups funded by prestigious accelerators like Y Combinator. Several attendees have demonstrated leadership in their respective fields, from directing at Y Combinator to serving as technical advisors at Microsoft. On the skill front, the most common skills and interests among attendees are software engineering, AI/ML technology, and data science, followed closely by full-stack development and management. We’re looking forward to meeting everyone and learning from each other’s experiences and insights.


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